2015-2017 CBA Tentative Agreement Reached! UFE Digest, Full Contract & Voting Dates

Updated Nov. 21. 2015. Voting is completed! The 2015-17 CBA has been ratified by the UFE membership, the TESC administration and the Board of Trustees. Highlights of the contract (digest) are described below. You can also download and read the entire contract at: https://www.ufevergreen.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/UFE_Full-Contract_10-16-2015.pdf. DIGEST: CBA SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS Article 32: Duration. This agreement is a two-year contract with several significant changes. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) will be in effect retroactive to  September  1, 2015 with ratification by the UFE Members and the Evergreen Board of Trustees. Article 12: Compensation. There is an across-the-board salary increase ofRead More

Excellent Turnout at the UFE Summer School–Owning the Work of the Curriculum!

Update: Sept 10 & 11, 2013 Greetings UFE members.  On Sept. 10–11, the UFE hosted a two-day Summer School where we worked with Sarah Laslett & Will Brucher from the WA State Labor Education & Research Center. Also providing organizing leadership & addressing the political landscape were Gary McNeil, our WEA Higher Education Representative & Bill Lyne, from Western WA University & The United Faculty of Washington. During our Summer School (held at the Washington State Labor Council), we discussed such topics as UFE history, working conditions, professional development, stewardship, adjunct concerns, organizing strategies & engaged in contract analysis.Read More

UFE Bargaining Team Reaches Tentative Agreement June 1, 2012

The Tentative Agreement (TA) reached by the UFE Bargaining Team has been unanimously recommended by the Bargaining Team, the Coordinating Committee, and the Stewards Council. on June,1, 2012  The ratification process included a series of meetings in which the Bargaining Team presented the TA to the Membership (Wednesday, June 6, 2012), and at All Faculty Forums. Members voted by paper ballot during the voting period, June 6 – June 13.  Below you will find critical links and dates relating to the Tentative Agreement: Digest of the Draft of the Tentative Agreement (revised June 5)– summarizes draft changes to the existing CBARead More

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Olympia

Occupy Olympia carries on, as of this writing, as one of the longest-standing occupations in the country. See the statement of support from the the Coordinating Committee of the UFE. UFE members have been contributing to the Occupy movement in several ways.  Many of us have attended General Assemblies and camped overnight.  We’ve attended rallies, and UFE coordinators have spoken at the major rallies at the capitol.  Some members have cooked meals and delivered them.  We are donating $500 to Occupy Olympia and Occupy Tacoma. Several UFE members and Evergreen faculty have written articles related to the Occupy movement.Read More

Occupy Portland

You can follow Occupy Portland activities via the live feed at:  http://www.occupystream.com/.  There is a lot going on today (Sunday, Nov 13).

Bargaining Update I (Sept 15, 2011)

By Rebecca Sunderman, UFE Bargaining Team Chair and Laurie Meeker, United Faculty of Evergreen Chair We are writing to keep you informed about recent developments in UFE negotiations with the Evergreen administration on our successor agreement (second contract). Negotiations began on May 18, 2011 and after four negotiation sessions we reached an agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering faculty compensation and benefits. The UFE Stewards Council came together on June 27 to ratify the MOU and we issued a joint announcement with College President Les Purce on June 28 describing the MOU and its key provisions (see: http://www.evergreen.edu/provost/docs/2011-0628%20UFE.pdf). Read More

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