CBA Re-opener Ratified

2019 CBA Reopener:  On May 22, 2019, the UFE membership and the TESC management (in behalf of the BOT) ratified the 2018-21 CBA Re-opener Agreement (TA). The vote count was 86Y/3N (89 total; 3 votes were submitted after the voting deadline & not included in this total). In sum, 89 voters represented a UFE ratification turnout of 74% with 97% of voters voting to ratify the re-opener TA. See details of the new contract items in the re-opener in the post below…

UFE & TESC Reach a TA on the CBA Limited Reopener!


9 May 2019

The UFE Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that it has reached a tentative agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding with The Evergreen State College on the limited reopener to the Collective Bargaining Agreement as specified in Article 30.1 (CBA, p. 68). This MOU will remain in effect for the final two years of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (2018-21). All other articles addressed in the CBA remain the same, including summer workshops and sabbaticals. Negotiations with the college continued during spring quarter and concluded on Wednesday May 8, 2019.


RATIFICATION PROCESS: On Monday May 13, the UFE Stewards Council ratified the Tentative Agreement (TA). The Bargaining Team, Coordinating Committee, and Stewards Council recommended a YES vote on this tentative agreement to the UFE membership. A ratification meeting for the membership was held on Friday, May 17 in SEM2C-1107. This was an opportunity to hear the Bargaining Team discuss the sections outlined in the TA and answer questions. Voting in person by the membership began after the UFE meeting. Voting electronically began on Saturday, May 18 at 12 a.m. and continued through Tuesday, May 21 at 5 p.m. This was a yes or no vote on all of the measures in the TA. To see our vote turnout numbers (and other recent vote tallies), click on the “Voting Stats” link on the right side of this page (under the “Resource” side-bar).

The following post (below) summarizes the changes to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) as negotiated in the current TA.

Article 12: Compensation

  • The Faculty Salary Grid in effect as of August 31, 2019, will be increased by three percent (3.0%) effective September 1, 2019; and 
  • The Faculty Salary Grid in effect as of August 31, 2020, will be increased by three percent (3.0%) effective September 1, 2020.

Article 10: Adjunct Faculty Review and Reappointment

Section 10.2.3, which describes a process through which the College has transitioned certain adjunct faculty positions to half-time regular faculty positions, will be suspended for the remainder of the current CBA. The UFE will spend time discussing this issue with adjunct faculty prior to our next contract negotiation.

Management Requests:

Article 6: Professional Responsibilities

A new section will be added to Article 6 to reflect the responsibility that all faculty members have to complete required training on non-discrimination policies and procedures, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, legal risks, College policies, and ethical rules. Most of the trainings will be online and renewed every two years. Sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and Title IX training will be in person annually during governance time.

Voluntary Faculty Separation Incentive

In a separate Memorandum of Understanding, management wanted to offer a one-time retirement incentive for up to 15 regular faculty members who are at experience year 29 or above during the 2018-19 academic year. Eligible faculty should seek advice from an attorney. Contact the Provost’s office for more information. See MOU Regarding Faculty Separation Incentive – 5/8/19

UFE Bargaining Team: Jon Davies (Bargaining Chair), Grace Huerta, Laurie Meeker, Gary McNeil (WEA), Shawn Hazboun and Julie Russo.



UFE SOCIAL: Friday May 17, 6:30-8:30 at Headless Mumby Brewing Company – across the street from Vics Pizza – at 232 Division Street NW in Olympia.

The UFE Is Now 13-Years-Old & Still Pitching In

May 22, 2019. UFE Gains and Initiatives Since 2006. As we completed our 2019 contract re-opener, it was good to look back at our collective union efforts over time. Given the challenges facing Evergreen, we have sought to “pitch in” and continue to support the mission of the College, while addressing the working conditions of the faculty and the learning conditions of the students. Here are some of our gains and efforts during the past 13 years:

  • 3% wage increase for all faculty in 2020-21;
  • 3% wage increase for all faculty in 2019-20;
  • 2% wage increase for all faculty in 2017-19;
  • 3% wage increase for all faculty in 2016-17;
  • 3% wage increase for all faculty in 2015-16;
  • 5.5% wage increase for all faculty in 2013-14;
  • 12.5% wage increase for all faculty in 2008-10, plus additional pay increases for adjunct faculty;
  • Paths of Study & Curriculum Area Team (CAT) co-authors, planning & implementation w/TESC admin, 2018-2021; negotiated CAT leader paid release time;
  • Bargain and administer the 2018-21 CBA through contract negotiations and ongoing labor/management meetings;
  • Strong grievance procedure, including due process rights for all faculty members;
  • Revisions to the waiver policy regarding teaching partners and lower division teaching commitments;
  • Protection of sabbatical lines;
  • Protection of post-retirement contracts;
  • Restoration of summer institute funding beginning in 2015 through 2021;
  • Expansion of parental leave to include all parents, regardless of gender;
  • Expansion of medical leave for adjunct faculty;
  • Increased job security for adjuncts through the establishment of multi-year contracts;
  • Hiring process/eligibility for 10 long-term adjuncts to tenure-track, ½-time EWS faculty from 2016-2020;
  • Opportunity for further transition of long-term EWS adjunct faculty in 2017-18;
  • One-time conversion of 4 long-time adjunct faculty members to regular status in 2008;
  • Creation of The UFE Memorial Fund, in honor of our founding UFE faculty members, Jose Gomez and Zahid Shariff;
  • Expansion of the UFE Solidarity Scholarship Fund: $12,000-$8000 awards available beginning 2018-19. In 2019-20, the UFE awarded 12 scholarships @ $1000 per student  (including eligibility for DACA & undocumented students);
  • Ongoing support of community and education partnerships through the UFE Solidarity Fund;
  • Creation of a UFE Political Endorsement Protocol & Application, 2019. See: UFE Endorsement Application-Final.


Dec. 5, 2018. Inaccurate Blogs. Several websites have posted incorrect information about the faculty union at The Evergreen State College. The United Faculty of Evergreen did not take a position for or against the resolution concerning the word “covenant”  at a fall faculty meeting, nor did it call for a vote. The union is not involved in this issue. It is a subject before the faculty meeting (AC), which is Evergreen’s forum for academic matters. Proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook are reviewed and discussed at the faculty meeting and approved through procedures outlined in the Faculty Handbook.


June 14, 2018. The 2018-21 CBA is Ratified by the UFE! The UFE membership and the Board of Trustees (BOT) ratified the 2018-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Under the UFE bylaws, agreements are ratified by a majority of those members voting. To see the voting results, click here.


June 8, 2018. Greetings UFE Members.  We have a Tentative Agreement!  The digest (summary) outlining the major changes to the CBA, as well as the full CBA can be found at:

We sent out an email Thursday as a written notice of the ratification meeting. In accordance with our UFE bylaws, “A seventy-two (72) hour written notice of the ratification meeting is required. The notice shall specify the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting.”

NOTICE: UFE Ratification Meeting; 4:30-5:30 Monday June 11; Location COM 308.

Please note that the COM building doors close at 5pm during eval week.

The purpose of the meeting is to present the Tentative Agreement to the membership for discussion and review in advance of the ratification vote. We realize this is a very difficult time to carve out time for this discussion. We concluded bargaining at noon today and both the UFE and TESC Administration are committed to getting this bargain wrapped up before the end of the quarter.

UFE voting for ratification will take place after the ratification meeting: Monday after 5:30, Tuesday June 12, Wednesday June 13 (stay tuned for further information about voting procedures). The Board of Trustees will consider and vote on ratification at their meeting on Thursday.