Governor Inslee outlines restrictions for Higher Ed, moving instruction to on-line learning

In a press conference today, Friday March 13, Governor Jay Inslee announced restrictions to educational activities on college campuses related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The Governor indicated that higher ed institutions will be restrict in-person instruction from Tuesday March 17 through Friday April 24. The first possible day back will be Monday April 27, the beginning of week 5 in the Evergreen academic calendar.

You can watch this section of the Governor’s press conference here, (2:52 through 3:57). The transcript follows:

“Second, we are also going to restrict activity at all statewide public and private universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical schools, and private career schools, and apprenticeships. The restriction will essentially say that there will not be in-person education happening on their campuses. The same dates we are using for the K-12 school closure will also apply to the higher education closures as well* – although I don’t think actually we should call them closures when it comes to colleges because they will be able to continue robust on-line learning in many cases. Labs and clinics may continue if social distancing, six feet, is imposed and a person is designated by the college or institution to ensure implementation of social distancing. We also will permit continued core functions, including administration, safety, continued use of dorms, food service, research and medical clinics.” 

See the full Proclamation 20-12 of March 13, 2020 document here.

*Closure dates were announced earlier in the press conference as Tuesday March 17 through Friday April 24. First day back will be Monday April 27 which is the beginning of week 5.)