UFE Membership Mtg_Friday, Feb. 3 in Sem2 B1107_5-6:30!

Greetings UFE Members. This is a reminder of our membership meeting on Friday, Feb. 3 from 5-6:30 p.m. in Sem2, B-1107. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss our upcoming bargaining survey and priorities, sabbaticals, MYC process, DACA actions, to name a few topics. We sure hope you can attend this important meeting. Thanks all, Grace Huerta, UFE Chair   _______________________________________________ Fall Quarter Update, 2016 Greetings UFE Members. As you know, this has been a very challenging quarter on a number of fronts. Nevertheless, together the Coordinating Committee and Stewards Council have been engaged in a number ofRead More

UFE Coordinating Committee & Stewards Council Vote to Support Oaxaca Teachers Union

The United Faculty of Evergreen (UFE) representing more than 250 faculty at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, joins its voice to that of other educational unions, organizations, students and civil society to denounce the violence and killings unleashed upon the teachers in Mexico. We condemn the extreme violence that the Mexican State has used and continues to perpetuate against teachers in Mexico, most recently on June 19, 2016 in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, who have been and continue to protest the all out privatization of education and the punitive education “reforms,” which have resulted until now in the deathsRead More

Freedom Foundation Public Records Request FAQs

What is a public record? A public record is any state or local record relating to the conduct of government or the performance of a governmental function, and is prepared, used or retained by any state or local agency. A public record can exist in any form such as: writing, recordings, photos, or emails. Public records are maintained by state and governmental agencies. The Evergreen State College maintains a public records website http://www.evergreen.edu/publicrecords/ and employs a public records officer whose role is to insure that TESC is in compliance with the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). ForRead More

2016 UFE Election Results

  UFE members cast their ballots May 16-18 to elect Officers and Stewards for the 2016-2018 term.  Voter turnout was 43 percent of the UFE membership. Election results are as follows: UFE Chair:  Grace Huerta, elected with 93% of votes cast. Vice-Chair:  Jon Davies, elected with 98% of votes cast. Stewards Coordinator:  John Baldridge, elected with 97% of votes cast. Communications Coordinator:  Laurie Meeker, elected with 95% of votes cast. Treasurer:  Marla Elliott, elected with 98% of votes cast. At-Large Representatives:  Stephen Beck, elected with 93% of votes cast and Al Josephy elected with 92% of votes cast. The Stewards Slate was elected with 98%Read More

UFE Elections 2016-18 Term

Beginning on Monday, May 16 through Wednesday, May 18 we are conducting our UFE Officers, Stewards and At-large Elections for the July 2016-18 term. During last week’s membership meeting, and according to our bylaws, a candidate slate was presented & nominations were taken from the floor. The slate can be found at the bottom of this post. Please cast your vote at our polling station in front of SemII A2117 (Cluster Support Office) on: Monday, May 16 (12-1 & 5-6) SemII A2117 Tuesday, May 17 (12-1 & 5-6) SemII A2117 Wednesday, May 18 (12-1) SemII A2117 Wednesday, May 18 (5-5:20pm in the SemII B1105Read More

UFE Members vote to pass the Representation Fee

May 3, 2016 UFE members voted in favor of the representation fee, 81 yes, 20 no.  Strong voter turnout resulted in 101 total votes. The total vote count means that 72 percent of the membership voted. Many thanks to all of the members who came out to vote on this important issue. Thanks also to those faculty who came to participate in discussions at the UFE membership meeting, all-faculty forums, PUC and planning unit meetings. Those that opposed the fee made important contributions to discussions about faculty salaries and working conditions. The UFE looks forward to addressing  wages and working conditions in the upcomingRead More

UFE Outreach and Education: Representation Fee

During winter and early spring quarters 2016, the UFE stewards are meeting with members and faculty to provide information about the possible implementation of a representation fee.  The document below defines the rep fee and answers a number of questions; it is also available as a pdf here:  Rep Fee Information Guide and FAQs.  During spring quarter, UFE members will be voting on the rep fee. If you would like further information, please contact one of the UFE officers or stewards (please see our Leadership team list.) In addition, UFE is moving toward implementing a progressive union dues rate structure, based on income,Read More

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