W22 Newsletter – References / Further Reading

Berry, J., & Savarese, M. (2012). 2012 Directory of U.S. Faculty Contracts and Bargaining Agents in Institutions of Higher Education. 125. Cain, T. R. (2017). Campus Unions: Organized Faculty and Graduate Students in U.S. Higher Education, ASHE Higher Education Report. John Wiley & Sons. Cain, T. R., & Leach, E. A. (2021). Removing Faculty: Patterns and Processes of Retrenchment and Restructuring. AERA Open, 7, 23328584211058470. https://doi.org/10.1177/23328584211058472   Dominguez-Villegas, R., Smith-Doerr, L., Renski, H., & Sekarasih, L. (2020). Labor Unions and Equal Pay for Faculty: A Longitudinal Study of Gender Pay Gaps in a Unionized Institutional Context. Journal of Collective BargainingRead More

W22 Newsletter – From the Archives (part 2)

You can read a detailed timeline of the union’s history through 2013 on the UFE website. This series features select highlights!  TESC union organizing began in 2005 with meetings of interested faculty, and a large organizing committee was established. In 2005-06 organizing and faculty deliberation continued at faculty meetings, panel discussions, etc. The organizing committee met with nearly every member of the faculty to determine interest in forming a faculty union, and by spring quarter we were confident that a majority of Evergreen faculty supported the union.  On May 1, 2006 we filed our intention to become a certified collectiveRead More

W22 Newsletter – Recommended Reading: The End of Burnout

This new regular feature in the UFE newsletter shares readings that explore the various dimensions of labor and highlight ideas for creating more enjoyable and humane working lives. Contact Julie Russo if you would like to contribute! This winter, we spotlight a new book by former tenured professor Jonathan Malesic called The End of Burnout: Why Work Drains Us and How to Build Better Lives. Malesic believes Americans have a cultural obsession with work that causes us to build our entire identities around our occupation, which can lead to burnout. In this book, he uses the psychological literature onRead More

W22 Newsletter – My UFE Story: Judith Gabriele

In this edition we are featuring Judith Gabriele, the ever-smiling and elegant French language faculty. Judith has long served the College and the UFE – this year marks her 30th year teaching at Evergreen, and she has been a UFE Steward since the formation of the faculty union. Judith has served on the UFE Coordinating Committee for the last five years. Judith was raised in Tacoma. After high school, she received her teaching certification in elementary and k-12 education. However, she found she didn’t love teaching to these ages, so she earned a bachelors in nursing and worked inRead More

W22 Newsletter – Labor Unions in Higher Ed: A Brief History & Report

Collective bargaining in the academy within the United States started in 1918 when a group of faculty at Howard University joined forces with the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) to try to improve their working conditions, but the initiative ultimately failed. Some of the earliest bargaining agreements were achieved for faculty in the 1930s and 1940s (Herbert & Apkarian, 2017). However, these early contracts were the result of informal and voluntary recognition by institutions, rather than legal mandates or enabling legislation. In the 1960s, bargaining became more widespread, and the American Association of University Professors and the National EducationRead More

W22 Newsletter – MOU Implementation Updates

Two key components of the two-year CBA Extension MOU (signed November 17, 2021) are currently underway. Brad Proctor and Nancy Koppelman have been appointed to lead the Student Recruitment and Retention effort (Parts 1-3 of the MOU), and they are currently working with Admissions on this vital project. They are looking for faculty volunteers to support the work (according to the MOU, this counts as governance work), which will include direct contact with prospective students. If you have interest in joining this effort, or if you have any ideas you’d like to share about recruitment and retention, please emailRead More

W22 Newsletter – COVID-19 Safety Amid the Omicron Surge

At the end of 2021, the UFE and TESC management reached an agreement on a Winter Quarter 2022 COVID-19 Safety MOU. The new MOU reads much like its predecessor from Fall Quarter, with a new phrase that acknowledges that TESC is considering possible changes to its instructional footing for spring 2022 and which states that these changes must be bargained. Read/Download: Final Safety MOU Winter 2022 Of course, Omicron has surged since this MOU was signed. Here are some updates you may have missed: Switch to remote: For the month of January, TESC encouraged faculty to substitute remote learning forRead More

W22 Newsletter – Letter from the Chair

Hello UFE Members, It’s been a year since we published our last newsletter, in part because I took maternity leave for Spring and Summer quarters 2021. Additionally, late summer and fall quarter last year saw UFE leadership immersed in an intense period of negotiation, the outcome of which was a 2 year extension of the CBA. Going forward, we are aiming for a more frequent newsletter. In addition to providing updates, we hope the UFE newsletter brings added value to our UFE Members – as you’ll see, this issue provides some fun reading, including a report on unionization inRead More

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