W22 Newsletter – MOU Implementation Updates

Two key components of the two-year CBA Extension MOU (signed November 17, 2021) are currently underway. Brad Proctor and Nancy Koppelman have been appointed to lead the Student Recruitment and Retention effort (Parts 1-3 of the MOU), and they are currently working with Admissions on this vital project. They are looking for faculty volunteers to support the work (according to the MOU, this counts as governance work), which will include direct contact with prospective students. If you have interest in joining this effort, or if you have any ideas you’d like to share about recruitment and retention, please email Nancy (koppelmn[at]evergreen.edu) or Brad (proctorb[at]evergreen.edu).

Second, the Curricular Review Team (CRTeam) has begun meeting to evaluate curricular areas and assign faculty to academic units (Part 4 of the MOU). The CRTeam is comprised of four CAT leaders (Krishna Chowdary, Julie Levin Russo, Stacey Davis, and Kristina Ackley), three deans (Elizabeth Williamson, Larry Geri, and Steff Beck), and Interim Vice Provost Trevor Speller. The CRTeam is maintaining a website at which it will post updates about its progress: https://sites.evergreen.edu/crteam/

The UFE and College have begun monthly Labor-Management meetings to monitor implementation of this Agreement. If you have any concerns about MOU implementation, please email the Bargaining Team (you can reply-all to this message).