W22 Newsletter – COVID-19 Safety Amid the Omicron Surge

At the end of 2021, the UFE and TESC management reached an agreement on a Winter Quarter 2022 COVID-19 Safety MOU. The new MOU reads much like its predecessor from Fall Quarter, with a new phrase that acknowledges that TESC is considering possible changes to its instructional footing for spring 2022 and which states that these changes must be bargained.

Read/Download: Final Safety MOU Winter 2022

Of course, Omicron has surged since this MOU was signed. Here are some updates you may have missed:

  • Switch to remote: For the month of January, TESC encouraged faculty to substitute remote learning for in-person activities if possible.
  • New mask requirements: Individuals wearing cloth masks now must wear two or more layers of breathable fabric. Email COVID[at]evergreen.edu if you are in need of more masks.
  • On-campus testing: On campus testing is available, but it’s unclear if this service will continue further into the quarter. You can email the COVID-19 team if you are in need of a test.

For more information on COVID-19 policies, visit the COVID-19 Health and Safety site: https://sites.evergreen.edu/covid19/

You can also view Evergreen’s COVID-19 statistics at this case report page (though it’s not updated regularly): https://sites.evergreen.edu/covid19/reporting-and-response/