2016 UFE Election Results



UFE members cast their ballots May 16-18 to elect Officers and Stewards for the 2016-2018 term.  Voter turnout was 43 percent of the UFE membership. Election results are as follows:

UFE Chair:  Grace Huerta, elected with 93% of votes cast.

Vice-Chair:  Jon Davies, elected with 98% of votes cast.

Stewards Coordinator:  John Baldridge, elected with 97% of votes cast.

Communications Coordinator:  Laurie Meeker, elected with 95% of votes cast.

Treasurer:  Marla Elliott, elected with 98% of votes cast.

At-Large Representatives:  Stephen Beck, elected with 93% of votes cast and Al Josephy elected with 92% of votes cast.

The Stewards Slate was elected with 98% of votes cast. Stewards elected to the 2016-18 term are:

John Baldridge, Stephen Beck, Jon Davies, Marla Elliott, Leslie Flemmer, Judith Gabriele, Grace Huerta, Al Josephy, Cynthia Kennedy, Laurie Meeker, Carolyn Prouty, Frances Rains, Julie Russo, Rebecca Sunderman, Richard Weiss, Elizabeth Williamson, David Wolach, Pauline Yu, Anthony Zaragoza.

To see the vote tally click here.