Contract Extension MOU passes and is ratified

At 5pm on November 16, the voting closed on the TA on the 2-year MOU. The UFE Membership ratified this MOU by voting 70 in favor and 22 opposed. Voter turnout was 89%.

Thank you for your careful consideration of this MOU and your engagement in this difficult topic. We are proud that we have protected all faculty jobs and made salaries whole for the duration of this two-year agreement. We also feel hopeful that both voluntary resignations and retirements and the faculty recruitment effort, while a lofty goal, can prevent or reduce any reductions that might be necessary after Spring 2023. 

On November 17, the Board of Trustees voted to ratify the MOU between the United Faculty of Evergreen and the College. The College and UFE are now moving forward with implementation, including convening the Curricular Review Team to begin assessment of academic units. The College and UFE will monitor the implementation of this MOU through the labor-management process and its monthly meetings.