CBA 17-18 Transition of Half Time Evening and Weekend Studies Positions (10.2.3)

10.2.3  Transition of Half Time Evening and Weekend Studies Positions.

Beginning September 1, 2017, if at the start of an academic year, a half- time faculty member currently under contract to teach has taught half-time or more for 12 quarters (excluding summer sessions) within the most recent five year period with at least three (3) different teaching partners, a regular, half-time position will be created in Evening and Weekend Studies. The positions will be created with disciplinary or content foci similar to that of each faculty member’s teaching history.

(a) Conditions:

  1. The position will be created as long as no more than 45% of EWS lines are occupied by regular faculty appointments;
  2. A national search will be conducted; and
  3. The adjunct faculty member referred to in 10.2.3 shall be a finalist for the position if they apply for the position.

This transition policy represents a substantial increase in the number of part time regular faculty positions. Therefore, the UFE-Management committee established in Article 25 will discuss equity issues relevant to part time faculty, including workload and compensation, which could be included in a subsequent MOU. The UFE-Management committee will issue a written report of these discussions and any findings no later than the end of Spring Quarter 2016, and any MOU resulting from these discussions must be completed in time to take effect in Fall Quarter 2016.