UFE Solidarity with Saint Martin’s faculty WALKOUT – Wednesday March 1st 10am

Join our contingent faculty colleagues at Saint Martin’s in solidarity for their one-day walkout to demand the University administration come to the bargaining table with their new faculty union. The walk-out is Wednesday March 1st – see flyer below for details. UFE members could join the rally from 10am—11:30. It meant so much to us when others joined our one-day strike in solidarity with our student support services staff union.
Join us in Solidarity!  We can bring our UFE solidarity picket signs! Meet at the rally site, 10am, in the Quad between Harned Hall (Academic Building, #6 on map) and Cebula Hall (Engineering, #22 on map). Parking available in the main Marcus Pavillion lot (no parking pass required). See campus map here.
Here is the situation, as reported by Aaron Goings, Associate Professor of History at Saint Martin’s: 
On March 1, faculty, staff, and students at Saint Martin’s University will walk off the job to demand that the school’s administration, and President Roy Heynderickx in particular, begin negotiations with our contingent faculty union. In June 2016, Our contingent faculty voted overwhelmingly (by a roughly 2:1 margin) to form a union as part of the Service Employees’ International Union, Local 925. Faculty have plenty of reasons to unionize, but the most important issues included the miserly pay adjuncts receive ($2,500 per course), the lack of benefits (adjuncts receive no benefits), and the lack of job security (adjuncts have no idea how many classes they will be teaching each semester, and their classes can be cancelled during the first two weeks of the semester). Faculty are also angry that administration has consistently referred to our union as an “outside third party,” has claimed a religious exemption to the National Labor Relations Board’s jurisdiction, and has spent tens of thousands of dollars from student tuition on anti-union consultants.
Who can turn out for this event in solidarity with our faculty colleagues at Saint Martin’s?
They deserve fair wages, fair working conditions, and a fair contract!
RSVP to Laurie Meeker at meekerl@earthlink.net