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Supreme Court upholds 1977 ruling affirming representation fees

On March 29, 2016 the US Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling upholding the rights of unions to charge representation fees for collective bargaining. The ruling reaffirms a 1977 legal precedent that affirmed such fees.

See the New York Times article here.

For a more pro-union perspective, see the article from The Stand here. The Stand is a newsletter from the Washington State Labor Council. This article quotes Senator Patty Murray on the Supreme Court’s March 29th announcement about the Friedrichs case:

“This is good news for workers, unions, families, and the economy. With the lower court ruling being affirmed by a deadlocked Supreme Court, this latest assault on the ability of teachers, nurses, and other public servants to organize and make their voices heard in the workplace has been beaten back.

“The economy is only truly strong when it is growing from the middle out, not the top down — and unions are key in making that happen. When unions are strong, workers can fight for higher wages, more opportunities, and greater economic security for themselves and their families. Many Republicans are going to keep working to tilt the scales in favor of the biggest corporations and the wealthiest Americans by making it harder for workers to band together and fight to improve and protect their wages and benefits. But as a nation, we should not turn our backs on empowering workers through collective bargaining and making sure that workers have a strong voice at the table—and this decision today upholds that principle.”

Direct link to The Stand article.